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three out of four walleyes

three out of four walleyes

It’s easy to walk right past this tiny, scrappy little place with a fairly limited menu.  The first time I came here was at the height of the lunch rush-hour, and there was no way my colleagues and I would be getting one of their very few seats.  This place is incredibly tiny, and there isn’t really a good place for a lot of queuing people to stand.  But thankfully the folks at Zen Box kept up a really brisk pace, and I was at the front of the line before I’d even had a chance to fully read the menu (which isn’t even all that long).  My friends always get the gyoza (dumplings), which come filled with chicken or veggies.  Both are delicious and come with rice and a simple cabbage salad.  I’ve also had their tonkatsu (pork cutlets with oily cheese), which was crispy and hot, but not as fun and flavorful as those wonderful dumplings.  But if you do get tired of them, there are a few other things on offer: potato croquettes, chicken curry, fried shrimp, and sushi.  All bento boxes come with tea or a soda.


Price: Relatively cheap, $4.19-7.19 lunch boxes

Speed: usually lightning fast, unless what you order isn’t yet prepared

Seating: A meager 12 seats at 4 little tables. Be prepared to share if you’re only using half a table.

Large groups? Nope, not here.  The best you can squeeze in is 5 people at one table, but even that will be tight.

Check ’em out: http://www.zen-box.com/

601 Marquette Ave, # 204, Tel: 612-341-3313
And they even Twitter!  How cute is that? http://twitter.com/zenbox


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