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*** (This review refers to the City Center location of Baja Sol)

three out of four walleyes

three out of four walleyes

Baja Sol is great.  I just wanted to start with that, ’cause it really is.  I love their salsa bar, with dozens of different salsas and other tasty additions for your chips and meal, like fresh cilantro and onions.  They have free nacho chips kept in a heated box, so I usually spend most of my time at Baja Sol stuffing them into my mouth and trying every single salsa.  But the regular food is good too.  Sure, it’s not fancy.  And the rice that comes on the side was pretty poor — clearly it had been made in the morning and was just sitting around getting dried out as the day went by.  But the food is made well.  My fish tacos were great.  Fried white fish with lettuce, already well seasoned, and then yet better when I added some of their fancy salsas.  I only with that the interior were a little nicer.  The floor and ceilings have a very industrial feeling, and the openness of the restaurant allows for noise from the City Center to reverberate throughout the room.  Not the most pleasant atmosphere, though at least it’s thoroughly pleasant food.  There’s another Baja Sol on 6th street that has a somewhat nicer interior.

Price: Very fair.  Big portions, and almost everything is around $6.

Speed: They actually do prepare each meal individually, so there’s a little bit of a wait, but you can munch chips while you wait!

Seating: Around 40 seats at tables for 2 and 4.

Large groups? Sure.  It’s a little noisy inside, but you could push a couple tables together and fit a whole bunch.

Check ‘em out:

40 South 7th Street, Tel. 612-332-2505

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