Falafel King

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two out of four walleyes

two out of four walleyes

Falafel King is a tiny little counter with just the smallest nook of a seating area, yet they manage to quickly pump out quite a lot of very hearty food.  The menu isn’t very extensive: there’s pretty much just different lunch combinations involving either falafel or gyro meat (in a pita or not, with fries or not, with rice or not, etc.).  But if that’s what you’re craving, then you really can’t beat Falafel King for reasonably priced, substantially filled, greasy pitas full of Middle Eastern high-caloric goodness.  There’s not much available beyond that.  The seating area is tiny and noisy and often a bit messy.  There aren’t many beverage options, and when I was here the ice dispenser of the soda fountain wasn’t even working, leaving me with semi-flat, warmish Coke.  But the staff is eager and friendly, and they clearly have a loyal lunchtime following, so I wish them well.  Falafel King has a parent restaurant on W. Lake Street, which I’ve never tried, but have heard is great. 

Price: Very reasonable

Speed: Very fast, although sometimes a long queue develops

Seating:  Just a tiny little nook in the back with 4 tables, seating around 8 people

Check ‘em out: http://www.falafelking.com/

121 South 8th St. (TCF Tower), (612) 339-5560

Hours: 9 AM – 3 PM

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