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three out of four walleyes

three out of four walleyes

My Burger has basically everything you would expect from a tiny burger joint.  Burgers, fries, soda, and milkshakes.  And that’s it!  Okay, that’s not entirely true — they do have a veggie burger and a fish burger on the menu, but the way they’re listed as such a minor afterthought doesn’t make it seem like something they expect many people to order.  No, people come here for the burgers.  They aren’t huge, and they aren’t fancy (you have to ask for it “California-style,” a new burger-vocabulary term I learned here in the midwest, just to get lettuce and tomato).  But they’re definitely a cut above a fast food restaurant, and not too much more expensive.  My favorite part of my dining experience at My Burger was their adorable packaging.  If you’re tired of the large, unwieldly, and very environmentally-unfriendly styrofoam that most Skyway take-out comes in, this is a really nice change.  The burgers come in adorable little cardboard burger boxes.  Easy to carry, and much more biodegradable.  Kudos to you, My Burger!

Price: Pretty cheap.  All burgers are $4.95 and come with fries.  For 50 cents more you can add cheese, sodas are $1.25, and shakes are $2.25.

Speed: Fairly fast – maybe just 30 seconds longer than your typical McDonalds

Seating: There’s a few small, high tables here which never seem to be very busy, but it’s not good for groups.  Plus the tables are right by the ordering/waiting area, so it’s also not very private.

Check ’em out:

  • 6 Quebec Skyway, Marquette Ave. & 6th
  • Tel: 612-240-6887

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  1. They also have a non-skyway location way out off Highway 8 in Center City on the way to Taylor Falls.

  2. to bad about having shredded lettuce, it takes it out of the running for a home style burger, Come on now, for reals shredded lettuce!

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